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Year End Review : 2020
โช Rewind โ€“ 2019
Euro Trip ๐Ÿ‡ช๐Ÿ‡บ
Define PropTypes To Your React Component
Thank you BETSOL!
Debugging Node App using Chrome DevTools
Getting Repository Insights From Git
Summing Up โ€“ 2016
Mentoring for Google Code-in โ€“ WikiToLearn
SwiftCode at BNMIT
One last step for completion of Google Summer of Code โ€“ KDE โ€“ WikiToLearn
Collaborative Wiki Editor โ€“ WikiToLearn
Community Bonding โ€“ KDE โ€“ WikiToLearn
Google Summer of Code 2016 โ€“ KDE โ€“ WikiToLearn
What I did this winter ?
DuckDuckHack โ€“ Global Quack and Hack 2
Git workflow
Why git ?
Good things come to those who wait
DuckDuckHack โ€“ Global Quack and Hack
Quack and Hack, Bangalore โ€“ 2
Mid-night git session at dgplug
Quack and Hack โ€“ Bangalore Meetup
Mozilla Webmaker Party โ€“ DSCE Firefox Club
FSA meet-up @MozSpaceBLR
Bug-Bug Bugzilla
Fedora 21 Release Party, Bangalore, India
Scrollbackers meet up โ€“ Bangalore
PyCon 2014 on LIVE!!!
Facebook CLI
LINUX is funnn